Hot Tub Safety

  • Wednesday 11th July 2018

All of our hot tubs are manufactured to EU and UK safety standards, however, this does not stop some people being careless, abusing their hot tubs or just lacking in knowledge about certain aspects of hot tub ownership.

When buying a hot tub from us you will never be left in any doubt about all of the health and safety aspects of owning and looking after your hot tub.

The first thing to get right if you are having a 32 amp hardwired hot tub is to have a competent part P registered electrician who knows how to correctly wire up your hot tub. Not all electricians will put in the correct cable, RCDs or other components. When our customer uses one of our own electricians, they can rest assured that the job will be done properly as they have full knowledge of hot tubs and all other domestic electrics and are also registered and compliant with part P.

After the electrics are properly installed we then need to move on to correct cleanliness and sanitising of your hot tub. All of our hot tubs have a self-cleaning element called an Ozonator built-in, this is an aid to the chemicals that you will be supplied with (should you choose to purchase our own chemical starter kit). The starter kit comes with testing strips, chlorine granules, ph up, ph down and either foam away or alkalinity (depending on which kit you choose). You will also get full instructions on how to use them to keep the water at correct levels for safety, cleanliness and comfort to enjoy your hot tub to the full.

The next thing you need to consider is any of the hot tub users health issues. While a good hot tub, like one of ours, with ergonomic seats, great jets and adjustable power is fantastic for any muscular, skeletal and for general relaxation... anyone with high blood pressure, vascular disease or anyone with a heart condition must take a few precautions. These are: don't drink alcohol in the hot tub or just before, don't stay in the hot tub for more than 30 minutes without a break and don't have the temperature higher than 35 degrees Centigrade. Take note of these precautions and you can safely enjoy your hot tub.

Kids absolutely love hot tubs and families with young children just need to take a few precautions, such as, on warm sunny days, make sure the kids have sufficient sunscreen on. Never leave children alone in a hot tub without adult supervision, never allow children to tamper with any of the electrics such as the external rotary cut off switch on 32 amp hot tubs and when the hot tub is not in use make sure the cover is fully on and that the cover clips are locked. Ideal Hot Tubs always supply locking cover clips with all of our hot tubs.