Accessories for your Hot Tub

From fragrances, to hand rails and floating spa bars, we've got you covered!

Smelling crystals can be applied to your hot tub to make the water smell divine,,, this then leaves your skin smeling lovely after you have been enjoying your hot tub. Crystals can also reduce the chlorine aroma and help you relex in your hot tub. We do lots of flavours... my personal favourite is strawberries and champagne!

Another great addition to your hot tub is a cover lifter, from undermount to hydraulic side mounted... we have a variety to suit you!

Why not ask us about our gazebos... luxury wooden gazebos available with slate rooves and trellis legs as optional extras.

Parasols will be available soon from just £149.99!

Spa Mount Cover Lifter
The Spa Mount One cover lifter is the best entry level lift for your spa or hot tub.
Our spa fragrance crystals are available in different fragrances, spa safe and oil free, a great stress reliever.
Hot Tub Filters
You can buy all the spare filters you need from us at Ideal Hot Tubs.
Full Chemical Pack
Our Full chemical pack contains all you need to get your hot tub up and running quickly and easily.